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Two of the Gorillaz characters are going to speak in a live Q and A

Two of the Gorillaz characters are going to speak in a live Q and A
Gorillaz have always been Damon Albarn behind the tunes, and Jamie Hewlett handling the visuals, with the four cartoon avatars awkwardly standing between the creators and the audience. Awkwardly because while there’s been some great videos and shows, the whole pretence that they’re real got odd.
Well, now two of them are going to talk live. 2-D and Murdoc will be taking part in a live question and answer session hosted by the Electronic Beats YouTube and hosted by MistaJam on April 20th at 15:00 BST.
Oh okay, we’ll play along, here’s Murdoc introducing it: “Get ready for the online event of the century – a live audience with me, Murdoc Niccals. Thanks to our comrades over at Electronic Beats, you can watch me and 2D live on the sofa and ask anything you want. Or just tell me how much you love me. But keep it clean, yeah?”

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