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UK makes ticket bots illegal

UK makes ticket bots illegal
We rag on the UK government when they get things wrong, which they do every single bloody day, but we have to say kudos for a step in the fight against ticket touts.
The UK is going to make buying tickets with bots illegal, with the crime being worth unlimited fines, so no longer will people be able to buy hundreds of tickets instantly and sell them for massive profits.
Here’s the official word from Matt Hancock, Minister for the Creative Industries: “We’re determined to make sure 2018 is the year we help real fans get the chance to see their favourite music and sports stars at a fair price… “We’ll be acting to stamp out the growing problem of touts misusing technology to scoop up vast numbers of tickets only to sell them on at rip-off prices… Our work, together with improvements by industry, will help make the market more transparent and mean a great year for Britain’s thriving live events scene.”

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