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UK train companies furious as site uses secret algorithm to find hidden cheap tickets

UK train companies furious as site uses secret algorithm to find hidden cheap tickets

If you're like us, you spend most of your time on trains, being carted around the minor echelons of the country... On an overcharged, delayed service that shows absolute neglect for its customers... So why not save money on that? 

Rail passengers could be saving themselves thousands now after a computer programmer and train-lover combined ideas and created an algorithm to find fares so cheap they are hidden by companies. Founders of TrainSplit.com help passengers travel for less by ‘splitting’ their ticket, claiming that rail companies overcharge passengers on 42 per cent of tickets sold.

Instead of buying a single ticket for your destination the website splits the tickets you need to purchase for each leg of the journey – a method that frequently works out cheaper - but without you having to actually break up the journey. It can apparently help passengers save an average 22 per cent on each journey.

Mr Richardson said: “The idea is to take insider knowledge and make it available to the general traveller, so they don’t have to work anything out themselves.”

Passengers must buy tickets for trains that stop at the stations where one ticket ends and starts, but they do not need to get off.

For example, a return ticket from Manchester and London can cost as much as £270, but the site is saving people £90.50 by splitting the journey into five separate legs.

Find out more and use Trainsplit here.


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