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The Uni_form From Portugal started in 2006 with UMBIGU on the bass and his brother on the drums.

After a while they found VOX MACHINA that immediately became the vocals and the guitar player of the band.

Things started to roll out to the band, the rehearsals were great and they were giving some small concerts on the alternative circuit.

There are different influences behind the band, from The Joy Division, interpol, Foals, White Lies, Editors, Pixies, Bauhaus, the Killers, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Nine inch nails, Aperfect circle, Tool,Pink Floyd, Psychic Tv. Somehow, all this background with the different personalities of each one, creates musics that allows you to travel in an emotional sea, sometimes stormy, sometimes calm.

Between 2007 and 2008, they felt the need of another guitar player, and after some experiences, THE CODE became the fourth element, playing guitar and keyboards.

The first EP is released in 2008 with the single "Roll". The band goes up to another level in the music scene and maintains a very busy agenda, which would come to admire some people in the circuit. The concerts allows to better define the band and their sound. People react well, the shows are memorable and the need to write and work in new songs takes them back to the studio.

In 2009, Uni_form goes back to the initial formation (UMBIGU, EXPLODING BOY and VOX MACHINA) and record the album "Mirrors". With a room full of instruments from guitars, basses, keyboards and synthesizers, fourteen different musics went to the spotlight of the album; the music goes from the brighter to the darkest light spectrum, that pumps out from the different personalities of each element.

Finally, in 2010 is released the album "Mirrors", the band sign for Compact Records and makes a first investment of 1000 copies in digipack format.

The first albums single, "Shadows", is playing on the radio and the video is in the televisions circuit , while the band unveils the album with a guest musician,FAKE PLASTIC BASTARD, on the synthesizers.

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