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Unsound bans photos and filming

Unsound bans photos and filming

Krakow’s Unsound Festival is happening October 13th to 20th, and they’ve tackled an issue that’s been bubbling up among festival goers these last few years: they’ve banned photography and filming at all stages, to the point of not even allowing media to do so. Instead they’ll make do with an official photographer.

Now, the ban isn’t going to have security rushing round ditching cameras (they say), but they’re trying to get festival goers to tell each other off. Here’s a statement from Unsound’s Mat Shulz:

“Our aim is to encourage our audience to focus on being in the moment, and not distract others out of that moment. We want to question the automatic tendency to place photos and videos of concerts online, be it on social networks, music websites or video streaming platforms, to put some tiny glitch in the constant bombardment of images, today's main tool of communication. The ban will not be policed by security guards, this is going to be a community action-- if you see someone next to you filming, ask them politely to stop.”

Is this a good idea, or is aggro going to follow?

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