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VIDEO: Danny Dyer cannot DJ

But bless him, he tries...

Let's go to see Danny Dyer DJ, they said. It will be fun, they said!

Every time you go to a club night with a 'celebrity' DJ, you make the world a worse place. Here's a great example of why. Today we learned that professional geezah Danny Dyer is one of the many celebs jumping on the decks for a couple of grand, playing to students and packed-out Yates' bars all over the country. As is standard for these gigs, he seems to have some dude who can actually DJ standing behind him the whole time. I suppose DJs have to do this to make a living now, as all the gigs are taken up by TV stars. Well done humanity.

A video has surfaced of him seamlessly mixing the Eastenders theme into his set (he recently became a cast member of the soap). We say seamlessly mixing, what we mean is it sounds more like he's trying to fix the aerial on his TV.


It's also a good example of why people who aren't famous for DJing often have largely pre-recorded sets.

At least he's honest that celebrities like himself are nicking the gigs, and that he's usually the one "playing the piss-poor tunes."

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