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Video Exclusive: The Moods and POP: Profit Over People

Video Exclusive: The Moods and POP: Profit Over People
This year has seen politics return to the music scene in a way forward thinking people have long dreamed off, and such is the strength of the rappers, bands, poets and songwriters working now even the right wing want to dabble in it with their own strange attempts at festivals, but luckily they are overwhelmed by the voices of morality.
At the front of this wave of musical awakening are Manchester’s The Moods, and they have a powerful new song which shouts about the social injustice in Britain. It’s from an LP called Missing Peace, which is infused with danceable beats and point lyrics.
We’ve got the first play of the video for P.O.P, which actually stands for Profit Over People. The ten piece group merge genres, and aim to provide “music for the head and the heart,” and here they’ve succeeded. While the single is out on A1M on September 8th, Missing Peace is out September 29th. 

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