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Video: Nature’s Neighbour

Video Premiere: Nature’s Neighbour
Nature’s Neighbour do not believe in sitting around. They formed in 2010 and the core members, ably assisted by a lot of others, have released an album every year ever since. That’s the kind of work ethic we jive with.
2021 will see ‘Otherside’ out May 14th, and we have a video of ‘After the Dark’. The band hail from Chicago and we hear a lot of influences, but Elliot Smith is the one we’re going to go with for After the Dark, a gentle, reflective song that’s part mournful ennui and part just relaxing and thinking. It was written in lockdown, and is mostly about wanting to connect with the people you can’t see actually in front of you and not on a screen. Also, the video is the only acceptable form of snow we want to see at this point in spring.

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