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Video of the day: Katy Perry sings with autistic girl

Popstar joins young fan on stage for a special performance.

Here's one that we've found from a few months back.

Jodi DiPiazza is an 11 year-old who has been autistic since birth, but has a miraculous connection with music that was shown at Comedy Central's Night Of Too Many Stars.

Her Mother comments on it in the video, saying:

"We picked up early on that she was interested in music. Anything she hears on the TV or radio station, she walks over to her keyboard and starts playing. She loves music and I think that through music and song she makes herself known."

At the event on October 13th at the Beacon Theatre in New York she joined Katy Perry on stage and this happened...

An elated DiPiazza gave Perry a long hug at the culmination of the performance. Katy later tweeted that the show was one she will never forget and was "the most important moment thus far of what I do."

If you'd like to help fund autism programs for young people, then the donation form for Night Of Too Many Stars can be found right here

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