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Vinyl finally gets the boot!

Vinyl gets canned after being recommissioned.

By Tom Lafferty

Apparently it takes more than a cool soundtrack to keep a drama series a float after plans for Season Two of Mick Jagger’s and Martin Scorsese’s TV drama series ‘Vinyl’ were scrapped.

To give context to those who don’t know, ‘Vinyl’ follows the story of a 1970s record executive, Richie Finestra (played by Bobby Cannavale) trying to keep his record company “American Century Records” alive in a time when rock n roll was being replaced by punk and hip hop. The show at times gave a sense of nostalgia when real life rock band and rock stars were involved in the narrative in some way, such as Led Zeppelin, New York Dolls, John Lennon and even Elvis Presley.

The show received positive feedback from critics giving it a 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with many commenting on the soundtrack being its strong point which was able to capture the electric energy of 1970s New York through the use of various genres of disco, soul and indelible pop from stars such as The Meters, Otis Redding and Dee Dee Warwick. To add to the great soundtrack, the show’s main theme ‘Sugar Daddy’ was created by Grammy Award-nominated artist Sturgill Simpson. However, it was clear to critics that there were pitfalls in the writing and storyline, being considered “formulaic”. What made things worse is that the view count for the show began to decline as the show went on, starting with 764,000 views when the series premiered in February and dipped down to an audience average of 650,000.

The ones responsible for this cancellation is the show’s distributor HBO. While HBO did cut the show short, they have stated that it was “not an easy decision” and had “enormous respect” for its creators and cast. This decision was made soon after HBO hired Casey Bloys as the new head of programming, who took over for Michael Lombardo earlier in the year. This isn’t the first time a Lombardo project was canned after an underwhelming first season, for example the Jack Black comedy ‘The Brink’.  Some of the crew of ‘Vinyl’ did not take this news well, such as actor Ray Romano who told an Australian newspaper that it felt like “a knife in the guts”.

Are you guys going to miss ‘Vinyl’? What do you guys think about all this? Let us know.

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