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Vinyl sales greater already in 2014 than the whole of 2013

Vinyl sales greater already in 2014 than the whole of 2013

The Entertainment Retailers Association new reports suggests that more vinyl records have sold in 2014 than were managed in the whole of 2013, with three full months (including the Christmas rush) still to go.

"Year-to-date sales of vinyl albums now total 844,122, according to ERA analysis of Official Charts Company data, compared with the 829,243 sales recorded in 2013," the report claims. "With three months of the year still left to run, that means total 2014 vinyl sales will almost certainly exceed one million, more than four times their level as recently as 2008."

Entertainment Retailers Association Director General Kim Bayley commented on the report, saying, "This is an extraordinary turnaround. Independent retailers were first to identify the untapped potential for vinyl and made it the focus of Record Store Day. With record labels now making more vinyl available, this trend shows no sign of abating."

It's a steady increase, but the market is growing - the UK's vinyl sales are at their highest since 1997.

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