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Vladimir Putin is currently trying to ban these gay emojis.

Vladimir Putin is currently trying to ban these gay emojis.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, feels really, really uncomfortable when things that aren't totally straight are strewn about in media....

Here's Putin, in case you didn't know.
(Straight... Honestly.)

His warped obsession and focus on homosexuality has continued, and now the Russian leader wants any emojis that could be see to promote an LGBT lifestyle to be banned. The Russian Government officials are now focussing on emojis, saying that LGBT phone icons encourage “untraditional sexual relations among minors” and “harm their health and development”.


The Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor has asked for an investigation into the use of “gay emojis” on social platforms as it’s worried that they step on the toes of the countrywide ban on the “promotion of non-traditional sexual relations” Roskomnadzor is also concerned that children who use and see these emojis might “form disrespect for parents and other family members”.

Whilst this is a light-hearted, ridiculous piece of news for us, it is ultimately depressing and devastating for LGBT rights in Russia.

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