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Voice tour rumoured to be facing axe

Add big picture of failure here.

The descent of The Voice from favourite toy of deluded BBC execs to complete bomb reached a new low this week when the Daily Mirror leaked chats they’d had with promoters about the live tour’s impending cancellation. The Voice may have been the BBCs most successful show of that type for a while, but the ratings fell off quicker than a bride’s nighty, and the (unnamed and thus potentially made up) promoter explained:

"Do they really think that they can sell 160,000 tickets at £40 a pop when they couldn't even keep people watching on the telly for free? Everyone is anticipating huge problems with this… Britain’s Got Talent had to admit defeat and pull the plug on the live tour in 2011 because the tickets hadn't sold – and their ratings were higher and more consistent than The Voice's."

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