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WATCH: The weirdest rap video of all time.

We're on the strange part of the Internet again...

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The title of this piece makes a big claim, struggling to find anything that quite beats it at the moment. But at the same time... you can't tear yourself away. It's hypnotic

The debut video for Andover-based rapper Jay Jay is a love song called 'I Tried To', which is a love-letter to a girl called Natalie. We assume that Natalie is the girl in the video, who looks mildly uncomfortable at having all these bars spoken at her face. It's fast becoming a viral anti-hit for being a masterpiece in causing every part of your body to cringe, this makes it essential guilty viewing.

There are numerous open-mouth kisses, just so we know they love each other. There's one that goes on for quite a while, and you almost feel like you've had a lazy threesome with them by the time it's over.

We're particularly fond of the way the lyrics totally throw you by not even remotely rhyming or flowing. Here's a choice cut:

I'll tell you the truth, tell no lies.
Take you out for a romantic meal.

There's a bit where they're stroking a rabbit, that's nice. The melody and chorus are also relatively decent. Everything else is diabolical.

Don't you dare ask for 3:38 of your life back afterwards.

Respect to the guy for giving it a go, but it needs work... and possibly a miracle. Eminem's place at the top of the game is safe, for now.

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