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WWE Wrestler JUST misses UK Top 40

WWE Superstar Fandango's entrance music ALMOST breaks into the official UK Top 40

Seven days after making his debut at Wrestlemania 29, WWE* wrestler Fandango has entered the Official UK Charts at number 44.

*WWF to some of our older readers.

The chart position has just been announced on the Official Chart Show's Twitter:


To be precise, long-time WWE in-house composer Jim Johnston will technically be the one credited with the no.44 single as he composed the theme. This is along with nearly every other WWE superstar's theme music for nearly 30 years, including many that made our list of the 23 greatest wrestling theme tunes.

The song, entitled 'ChaChaLaLa (Fandango)' gained popularity after the crowd at Monday Night Raw (WWE's weekly live show) began spontaneously singing it throughout the show. The #FandangoRevolution campaign was launched with big pushes coming from the Wrestling Memes page on Facebook and R/SquaredCircle on Reddit. Since then it has been played at the grounds of Everton, Blackpool and Rangers, as well as being endorsed by the cheerleaders of the Houston Texans...

Yup. That was a shameless excuse to put a video of cheerleaders into an article.

Elsewhere in the charts there is speculation over how much the BBC will play of 'Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead' after thousands of people have purchased it following the death of Maggie Thatcher on Monday. It is scheduled to be very high in the charts, although a counter-campaign has been launched to propel Notsensibles' 1979 single 'I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher' up the charts.

But do not let that cloud over the fact that a professional wrestler's instrumental entrance theme has come very close to making the official UK charts. That's cool.

Have yourselves a listen here, and hum it in your own time...

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