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Wait, why was Drake shopping at a Co-Op in Walsall over the weekend?

Wait, why was Drake shopping at a Co-Op in Walsall over the weekend?

A sub-standard writer; a selfish lover; a terrible drinker; a fan of Pearl Jam - I have a lot of deficiencies, but my prominent one would be the fact I'm from the Midlands. This is why I'm asking the following question today: Why was the most famous musician in the world shopping at a Co-Op in Walsall?

Well it doesn't matter, because between gigs in Birmingham, he went out shopping there with his support act and local singer Jorja Smith.

“I saw the man first, he was really tall and then the girl who I knew and said hello to. I’ve known Jorja since we were kids. We had a a brief chat about how we were doing and then I clocked Drake,” said cashier Josh Letford.

“Jorja turned to him and just said ‘I know Josh, he’s alright’. Then Drake gave me a grin and said ‘hey’ and shook my hand. I couldn’t believe it. I was just thinking what the hell is Drake doing in my Co-op?”

Letford added: “Drake was really chilled and I was too. Drake is a cool guy and I’m a cool guy. I didn’t act starry eyed. I told him I did music too and then joked that we should do a track together and he laughed and said sure!”

“Jorja bought some hard boiled sweets and after I served her, I took my opportunity and asked Drake for a photo and he was happy to pose with me."

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