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War Child rerelease four albums from the 00s

War Child rerelease four albums from the 00s
Earlier this year War Child teamed with Virgin to create War Child Records, and their latest action is to re-release four of their classic fundraising albums from the 00s. These records raised funds to help, well, children affected by war, and were notable for their high profile contributors: Muse, Radihead, Bowie, Coldplay among others.
The four albums are now on streaming services, and will be coming out on vinyl. They are: 1 Love (produced with NME), Hope, Help! A Day In The Life and War Child Presents Heroes.
1 Love is built on the principle of modern bands covering old number one hits, while Hope was also full of covers in protest at the Iraq War. A Day In The Life tasked bands with creating their tracks in a single day, producing the fastest album ever, and Heroes saw artists nominate who should cover them.
War Child Records are also working on new campaigns.

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