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Watch: Brandon Flowers feuds with Richard Dawkins

Brandon Flowers has been defending his faith to the religion topplig Richard Dawkins

Killers frontman Brandon Flowers found himself at loggerheads with celebrated atheist Richard Dawkins on a recent Swedish chat show. Dawkins, author of the best selling The God Delusion was holding forth on Flowers chosen faith, Mormonism. In a fa

“There is far more beauty in the real understanding of the reality of nature than there is in reading some ancient book – or in reading some modern book which is what the book of Mormon is." he told the studio audience

"I have to say that when I read the book of Mormon recently, what impressed me was that this was an obvious fake. This was a 19th Century book written in 16th Century English. That’s not the way people talked in the 19th Century – it’s a fake. So it’s not beautiful, it’s a work of Charlatanry.”

Flowers was clearly upset by the thrust of Dawkins argument, responding

He said: “The book has been studied and torn apart and looked at but I’m not one of the professors that have done it. To call this man a charlatan – I take offence to it...These are all falsehoods – you should do your research.” -

We've got to give credit to Flowers on this one, he'd come on the show to promote his single rather than debate religion, and kept on a pretty even keel whilst Dawkins told him that everything informing his belief system was basically a load of porkies....

You can watch the full exchange below:



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