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Watch: The Ultimate Warrior vs Phil Collins

Watch: The Ultimate Warrior vs Phil Collins

Sure, Phil Collins finally did get his Oscar. The Academy palmed him off with that monkey soundtrack one. But the public and his fans all knew the performance that set the world alight was too risqué for the nursing homes of Hollywood. Ladies and gentleman…Phil Collins versus The Ultimate Warrior.

This short film tells the story of two titans at the peak of their powers - thematically Shakespearean, tonally Dickensian. At the start we see them as brothers-in-arms, both marching to the beat of the same drum. But sadly, Collins lets it all go to his head.

We see the man change as the greed sets in. Warrior has no choice - the two fellows once inseparable now become locked in a blood thirsty duel.

Only at the very end, when it is all too late, does Collins finally realise his mistakes...


PS RIP Warrior.


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