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Well that was quick: here’s the new Arcade Fire single

Well that was quick: here’s the new Arcade Fire single
When we joked about keeping an eye on the weird Arcade Fire ‘live’ stream, we weren’t being serious in hearing new music in the next hour or two. But here it is, the much teased title track of their new LP ‘Everything Now’.
It’s not quite as amazing as the Reflektor single (but what is), but as that was followed by a horrifically poor LP we’re hopeful that the Everything Now album will work better in the long run with this as the starter. The album is coming July 28th, and has production from half of Daft Punk, Steve Mackey of Pulp and more. 
Mistajam received an explanation as to the title: “There’s sort of an everything-nowness to life. I feel like almost every event and everything that happens surrounds you on all sides. It’s trying to capture some of the experiences of being alive now in all its flaws and all its glory.”

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