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Wentz and the Death of Emo Haircut

It’s hard to hate Emo given that it replaced the infinitely worse Nu-Metal, but perhaps it is time for a change. Panic at the Disco have already moved away from the template, and now Fall Out Boy, one of the better selling Emo acts, are having their say on the issue. Pete Wentz, the good looking one, has had his none-more-emo black haircut shaved off in a onstage stunt. He approached the mic mid gig and said "So you guys know Jay-Z's 'Death Of Auto-Tune', right? This is the death of emo haircut." Whereupon Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus gave him a crewcut. We assume the clippings will now be fiercely bid for on eBay by teenage girls.

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