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What we’re cooking up behind the scenes

What we’re cooking up behind the scenes
You may have noticed two unusual things these last few weeks: a slow down of new news content, and the appearance of some reviews. So what’s going on?
We are designing a brand new website for you, with a few special treats… can we say a new way for you to listen to your daily music? Yes, I think we can let that slip. 
Also there will be the news you love, but we’ll also be bringing back review content and launching a brand new series of articles: one is the Supajam Deep Dive, whilst there’ll also be articles about the world we hope will fill your thinking time for a while. 
There will also be a dedicated way for you to tell us about the bands and news you’ve seen down on the ground.
In short, we are expanding scope and content, which has taken away from are venerable and soon to be sent to the farm website, where it will live out it’s days peacefully. We definitely won’t just be taking it behind a shed.
Image from Wikimedia Commons, by Weldscientist. 

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