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Who'd have thought that music was the perfect way of cleansing dickheads from McDonalds

Who'd have thought that music was the way of cleansing dickheads from McDonalds

A few months back when I was walking up the promenade into Birmingham's New Street Station, I noticed a few things: the wet, sugary smell of McDonalds, the soothing sound of Brahms' Symphony No 4 and, memorably, the lack of cap-wearing kids yelling at old ladies. I thought it was a beautiful coincidence but it was rather a ploy by the council.

Local councils worldwide have begun playing classical music outside of McDonalds outlets to dissuade losers from congregating in groups.

"We've noticed a reduction in the number of young people hanging around, but we'll have to reassess it properly in a couple of weeks," Matthew Watson, a store operations manager in Sydney Australia said. "We play a range of classical and opera music and so far it seems to be working."

Now they just need to start doing the same in churches...

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