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Wiley battles Internet Gangsters in Surrey

Wiley's performance at the University of Surrey drew some ire and he was also displeased.

When Grime superstar Wiley was stopped by the police on the way to a personal appearance at the University of Surrey on Monday, he probably thought that that would be the last of his problems that night.

Oh no, he was in for a whole world of pain.

After arriving late and going onstage at 1:40am (less than half an hour before closing time), many students were decidedly nonplussed at being made to wait.

Honestly, you'd expect Freshers on a night out to be too drunk to know what day it was, let alone be mindful of the time. They presumably had very important departmental introductions with wine and cheese to attend in the morning.

After being roundly booed for his performance, he then received a torrent of not very nice things said about him on Twitter. Visceral attacks included such savage dressing-downs as:

"Wiley u was kinda dead @ Surrey uni mate!!!!"


And the ferocious "Paid for my ticket to see you and saw you for about 10 mins. You're not that good."

So obviously he started blocking teenage girls for the nasty words they were writing. He rebutted many of them before posting up his version of events and responding to the criticism thusly:

"Too many internet gangsters in that uni tbh .....i will not return to surrey uni ever again to perform ....."

Well, that sure told them. A short while later this appeared on the otherwise mostly lame University of Surrey Memes Page:

He later complained about how "Some dickhead uni students from surrey thinking they are posted on the block ..your parents sent u there to learn not be posted on the block."

We're not going to begin to pretend we know what "posted on the block" means.

Wiley claimed that he performed the full 20 minutes that he was booked for, hard life, and proceeded to blame the sound system, the mic, the venue, the moniters, the dinner ladies, the time of the month, the changing of the guards, and Nick Clegg for his poor performance.

A solid half-hour in the wood shed would do everyone involved a bit of good we think.

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