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Wiley has a disappointing Cock...rock Festival

Wiley sulks off stage after slagging off festival hours before appearing at it.

Oh dear, the great man-child is at it again.

After dropping out of Glastonbury a few hours before going on stage, getting upset with internet gangsters at the University of Surrey Students Union, and numerous other escapades, everyone's favourite grime diva has once again pissed off a load of people who were giving him a lot of money to do a very enjoyable job.

After repeatedly complaining on Twitter about being booked to play at Cockrock Festival in Cockermouth (real place, honestly) he wasn't the most popular man when he arrived on stage. Blaming the tweets on his agent - the person who organises opportunities for him to earn more in one day than some nurses earn in a year - his justifications were drowned out with boos.

So he took his ball and went home.

After the show he pointed out how he made a grand a minute for his 15 minutes on stage, which is admittedly pretty impressive. However, when people pointed out to him that this was a festival partly organised to raise money for local charities he responded with "Don't scream charity to me I don't care ..I saw bob geldoff earn p from the word charity so u cant fool me."

You're all class Wiley. I'm sure the local ambulance service and mountain rescue teams will be totally understanding.

Event director Marie Whitehead told the BBC

We are dealing with 250 contracts for the event, so I'm not sure what the position is but we will be getting legal advice on what happened. It is very disappointing as it would appear he did not fulfil his contract and was supposed to play for 45 minutes. 

This morning he proudly tweeted




Bragging about money that you might be sued over is exactly what you're supposed to be doing in any sort of potential legal battle. 

Reverand and The Makers came back out to fill in the big Wiley-spaced gap in the schedule. So we think you should go and listen to a bit of their music instead.

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