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Wiley refutes Dizzee’s paedo accusation

Wiley refutes Dizzee’s paedo accusation
You may remember that recently Dizzee Rascal took aim at Wiley and accused him of… now… what can we say without getting sued… let’s just embed his tweet.
Wiley has replied to this in a Times interview. He’s attempting to take the high ground.
“Dizzee’s not as accurate as he wants to be… I’ve got nothing to hide. I also know that when brothers argue they will say anything. I’ve got love for him… “I don’t know if he’s got love for me, but I do know that I don’t wanna argue with him no longer. I want to do something that makes people say, ‘Oh my God, them two are back on track.”
It doesn’t look likely Wiley.

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