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Will.I.am defends Cowell: 'I'm glad for the X Factor''

Will.I.am defends Cowell: 'I'm glad for the X Factor''

Black Eyes Peas member and professional annoying guy, Will.I.am has today lauded that there's an "outlet for people to go on TV".

He argues that  "The X Factor" and "The Voice," provide a valuable means for people to become successful artists.

"If you want to get known, put your songs on SoundCloud and YouTube, or join a talent show," will.i.am said. "I am pleased that there is an outlet for people to go on TV. I don't care if it's on Simon's. Thank you, Simon, for having the program. Thanks for thinking of it - because the record company didn't. Thank you."

He added: "So, how about applaud Simon for having a platform, instead of putting him down for having a platform. Simon's doing a great thing."

After that, Will.i.am argued that the ongoing debate about reality TV shows and their effect on the music industry "is just tabloid journalism trying to sell magazines to create some type of drama that's unnecessary."

"The X Factor" returned for its tenth series in the U.K. last Saturday, and will.i.am has made appearances on both the U.K. and U.S. versions of the show. Last year, will.i.am and Cowell announced plans to team up and launch a TV talent competition that seeks to find and nurture young technology innovators. The show is set to be called "The X Factor for Tech".

What say you?

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