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Win a slot at Black Deer Festival with Supajam and Orange Amps

Win a slot at Black Deer Festival with Supajam and Orange Amps
Black Deer is the UK’s premium festival about the sounds and sights of the Americana scene. With a diverse range of bands, serious cooking power and a party atmosphere only thousands of people having fun can create, it’s an EVENT… and you could play it.
Black Deer itself has teamed with Supajam to curate a stage, and they’ve both teamed with Orange Amplification to find an act to win a thousand quid TremLord 30 guitar amp and play a forty five minute set on the Supajam stage. Pretty amazing. You don’t need a band as solo acts can enter too, but you do need to be playing original Americana music and, of course, be very good. The organising teams will listen to your entries and pick the winner.
But don’t panic, you won’t be playing alone, as you’ll also win a pair of weekend tickets to bring some of your entourage. You’ve got until May 31st to enter a single video or track, so go for your best. Go here to enter: https://orangeamps.com/get-on-the-bill-competition/ We at Supajam are ready to hear your songs.

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