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Woman Festival: musicians are put off UK by visa system

Woman Festival: musicians are put off UK by visa system
As the UK plunges ever further off a cliff of our own making called Brexit, there’s still a little bit of time before we have to sell our sweet arseholes to American companies for some music festivals. Unfortunately, those are becoming harder to organise in the post-Brexit world of semi-normalised racism and intolerance.
Here’s Chris Smith of the famously international Womad Festival explaining why: “The world has never needed events like Womad more than it does now. It stands for tolerance and understanding and learning and openness but that culture is being crushed as politicians lurch to the right.” But “Artists have accepted our invitation and then looked into the visa process and told us, sorry we’re just not going to do this. That’s a situation we should be ashamed of.”
He continued to the Radio Time “We’ve had situations where, say, an African artist has been due to come who plays a particularly rare instrument, and we’ll be asked: ‘Can’t you find someone in the UK who plays that instrument?’, which is absurd…What we’re seeing this year is unexpected and even more depressing, which is artists saying we’re just not going to tackle the immigration system, saying it’s too difficult and too expensive, and it’s humiliating.”
Well done Britain, well fucking done.

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