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Woman successfully sues work colleague for 'unfriending' her on Facebook

Woman successfully sues work colleague for 'unfriending' her on Facebook

Next time you're trying to 'trim the fat', as it were, on your Facebook friend list you should think twice after an Australian lady has successfully deleted a colleague who did the same to her.

The two had had an argument that led to the cyber-deletion of their clearly complex relationship, which was apparently the culmination of a two-year period of bullying, resulting in anxiety and depression.

A tribunal said: "This action by Mrs Bird evinces a lack of emotional maturity and is indicative of unreasonable behaviour."

After all that, she wasn't sacked, however.

"What the Fair Work Commission did find is that a pattern of unreasonable behaviour, hostile behaviour, belittling behaviour over about a two-year period, which featured a range of different behaviours including berating, excluding and so on, constituted a workplace bullying."

Be careful out there, keyboard warriors.

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