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Woodstock 50 continues its descent into epic documentary territory

Woodstock 50 continues its descent into epic documentary territory
We’ve brought you several stories about the attempt to run a 50th Anniversary Woodstock, from losing their financial backer, to losing their venue (which wasn’t even Woodstock), to losing their second venue… yes, W50 has ceased to be the story of a festival and is now surely just something which’ll make a great documentary on Netflix.
But it gets better, by which we mean much worse. The organisers claim to have found a new venue, at Merriweather Post Pavilion. This is an interesting choice because it’s over three hundred miles away from where the performers were contracted to play, which means the contracts are void, and Woodstock claimed they’d released everyone from them anyway.
So who’s playing then?
Well, you see, that’s the thing. The event is now going to be free, with complimentary tickets given out to fulfil the various requirements of the site. It’s believed some VIP tickets will be sold to cover security and the like, so how will the bands be paid?
The event is being billed as a charity concert, but one without a cause, you’re just encouraged to give to who you want, and bands are being encouraged to give up their time for charity, aka emotionally blackmailed into performing for free at a clusterfuck. 
Anyone got a film crew?

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