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Worst band ever?

How bad can you make RATM sound? This bad.

That's what the title of the video claims. We've seen plenty of these through the years, with many strong contenders to the title. There's this spectacularly drone-y version of Pink Floyd, this out of tune version of 'Final Countdown' to an audience of precisely 0, and this tinny cover of 'Eye of the Tiger' where even the band seem to realise how dreadful they are. But a new contender has joined the fight...

This is ZAR, their take on the 2009 UK Christmas number 1 was so catastrophically bad that the band allegedly broke up after just one show. Highlights of this performance include a strip-tease, a widdly guitar solo and instruments randomly stopping and starting. If you look closely, you'll also see the bassist briefly considering the option of removing clothing before deciding against it.

But it's easy for us to mock. That lead singer has some heart, and at least they had a crowd. Truth is, the joke is actually on us. Wanna know why? Because this band are clearly joking. Wanna know why? That drummer is wearing a fedora. Nobody wears a fedora when playing RATM. The devil is in the detail.

Anyway, here you go. 10 points if you make it all the way through. Cleanse your ears afterwards with any of these new artists that we've featured lately.

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