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Xiu Xiu give the piss instead of taking it

And you could win it...

Graveface Records are having a bad month after summer storms flooded their offices and destroyed lots of stock. Much like millions of Americans and their health problems, they weren’t insured, so to try and keep things going the label is sorting out a raffle. There’s a custom made bass, a surprise gift from the Flaming Lips, signed goodies from Shearwater and more on offer. However, Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu seems to have got his wires confused, or has very little idea of how to run a raffle, because he’s donated a cup of his own piss. No word on if it’ll be kept warm in a thermos, but let’s just keep him away from fundraising from now on, okay? You can also send donations – handy if you don’t want to end up with a bottle of urine – and over $10 gets you mp3s of rare and unreleased tracks.

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