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Yorke Talks Age of Stupid, Doesnt Give Much Away

On September 21st Climate Change awareness movie ‘The Age of Stupid’ is being premiered in over 550 cinemas across over 45 different countries. This will be followed by a live discussion via satellite and, to keep you watching, Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame will be playing a live track. In a post on Radiohead.com he said the tune will be Reckoner from In Rainbows, but kept the location a secret, also adding “there is a film that is getting a lot of attention call Aged of Stupid. i've seen it and it stays with you - especially in light of the Copenhagen summit coming up in December where our glorious leaders must decide how we structure our plans to tackle climate change.” We assume Yorke’s been asked to give the movie some extra publicity, and as you’re reading this it appears to have worked!

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