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YouTube censors Drill Music

YouTube censors Drill Music
The UK police have been blaming music videos for promoting violence, and in particular they have picked the genre known as Drill. The police even went as far as asking YouTube to delete Drill videos from their service.
YouTube have bowed to this and are deleting drill music videos they deem violent. Over thirty have so far gone missing. Here’s the Met’s framing of this: “The gangs try to outrival each other with the filming and content – what looks like a music video can actually contain explicit language with gangs threatening each other,” Mike West from Metropolitan Police told the BBC. “There are gestures of violence, with hand signals suggesting they are firing weapons and graphic descriptions of what they would do to each other.”
Yemi Abiade, of Dummy Magazine, gave the other side to the Independent: “Regardless of London’s murder rate, drill will continue to offer a voice to those without one because, for many of them, it’s all they have to survive.”

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