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Yungblud joins Soccer Aid

Yungblud joins Soccer Aid
YungBlud is taking some time away from music to practice his ball skills, because he’s joined this year’s Soccer Aid. The latter is a charity fundraising event in which ex footballers and ex celebrities, sorry, celebrities, play a football match of varying skill and intensity.
Soccer Aid 2021 is at Man City’s stadium on September 4th, and will see YungBlud attempt to nutmeg Paul Scholes, Emile Heskey and possibly Wayne Rooney if he’s not got himself in more trouble by then.
Yungblud called for his fans to buy tickets:
“It’s crazy to be taking part in Soccer Aid for UNICEF – I feel like I’ve been waiting for the call my whole life! Being asked wasn’t something I even had to think about – I said yes before I got the call… I can’t wait to get back in front of an audience. My fan base are my blood and guts so I can’t wait to see them at the Etihad Stadium. I know they’ll be showing their support by buying tickets to the match.
I’ll be nervous but also excited walking into the stadium alongside some of my childhood heroes. Soccer Aid is such a cool idea and it’s for a great cause – UNICEF. Football is a lot harder than rock’n’roll for me. I think people are maybe expecting me to be on the pitch in a leather skirt and spike bracelet, but I’ll be out there trying to win the game.
My grandad used to take me to see Donny Rovers every week when I was a kid, so football has always been a big part of my life. Football is so important because it brings people together, on and off the pitch and gives people a chance to express themselves, which is what I’m all about.
Buy a ticket, make a donation or watch the match – you can be part of something really worthwhile.”

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