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Already Famous Act Pretend They Don’t Care About Fame

There is something annoying about bands, or other creative types, who say they don’t care about being famous, when they’re already famous. Case in point: The Prodigy. They are one of the leading dance acts, so it’s all very well and good for singer Keith Flint to say record sales aren’t important. He said to the Beeb: "I think what's more important to The Prodigy is that, whatever number your album goes in at, or the single, or however many plays it gets, or doesn't get, or awards you get, or don't get; our reward, as a band, is to write the best album we can and then go to Download festival and rip it to pieces." Let’s go back and see what caused this rant…oh yes, not being nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. What? You don’t care but you’re annoyed an award didn’t nominate you? If you don’t really care, donate all the cash to kitten charities and go live in a tent. This might all sound a bit better from someone starting out with just a Myspace account, a borrowed pc and some ideas, or if Flint had stuck with failed solo project, err, ‘Flint’.

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