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Amy Winehouse’s Ex Sells Story

There’s been quite a few stories in the Sun newspaper about Amy Winehouse the last few days, as the paper drips secrets from her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil (the pair were recently granted a ‘quickie’ divorce). The content has been largely the same most days: stories about Amy’s drug addictions designed to shock. Fielder-Civil talks about her crack and heroin use, confirming the rumours that he was responsible for getting her on heroin. He’s spoken about thinking she was dying in his arms after a drug binge and not knowing what to do, and as we’re a music site we’ll recommend people listen to Husker Du’s ‘Pink Turns To Blue’ for a harrowing version of that in song form. There are allegations she would smoke crack between songs at gigs. Sex stories have also started coming out. All in all, a total betrayal of her confidence.

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