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Are JLS Dirty Stopouts?

Having said that JLS aren’t really a Supajam type of band, we’re now mentioning them for a second time in a week. Well, they did have a number 1 record, and they do say some naughty things. An interview with the Sun newspaper was supposed to be highlighting how much they’ve given up to pursue their pop dream, and how the pressure has crumbled their relationships: "We have given it everything. We sacrificed girlfriends, we sacrificed university, we sacrificed our homes, we sacrificed our jobs. Luckily it has worked for us.” And "We've all broken up with long-term girlfriends in the last few months due to complications."

Aaah, poor JLS. Err, except they then go on to say: "We're not Westlife. We've only been in this job for under a year. We're enjoying it...We're not going to sit here and say we never go on dates and we never have sex or whatever...There are a lot of ladies out there." Another added "We're young boys in the only boyband in the UK. What do you think is going to happen? It's great." Let’s ignore the fact they’ve forgotten about Take That, surely a major faux pas in their position, and concentrate on what we “think is going to happen”. The dirty boys…

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