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Beth Ditto Plans for Civilian Life

Not every musician blows all their royalties in a cocaine fuelled orgy of excess (although quite a few do and it does sound like fun). Beth Ditto, Gossip lead singer and increasing style icon, is planning for a life after fame. As she told Contact Music: "This craziness, this attention, is not normal, and I never expected it to last. You just gotta know that if it doesn't last, it's not going to kill you. It changes your life but it doesn't change who you areā€¦Like, I always know at the back of my mind I need to save money in case anything happens. Because in the future I'm going to have to go to beauty school one day. I'm going to have to go back home and live normal." Which, by being so eminently sensible in a world full of rampant egos, seems almost shocking.

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