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Blur to Revisit Country House

Blur’s 1995 single country house may have reached number 1, winning a much publicised chart battle with rivals Oasis, but its allegedly ‘comedy’ stylings are widely regarded as a nadir in Blur’s career. The band may have thought so too, ceasing to perform the track. Now, however, as the newly reformed group are preparing to tour, they’ve said they’ll revisit the song and perform it in an entirely new, and presumably actually good, format. Singer Damon Albarn told the BBC “I am determined to do a version of 'Country House' that works. Graham playing a really nice picky, folky thing and my friend David Coulter playing the whole tune on saw, and letting the audience sing…If there was any song that I really wanted to exercise and be reborn, it would be that one, because, you know, it was such a stupid moment.” Can it be saved? We shall find out...

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