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Calvin Harris Blasts YouTube Vid Removers

We’ve all heard of the artists and companies who want their copyrighted materials removed from YouTube, just as we’ve heard of people who have successfully used the service to spread the word (let’s face it, if Susan Boyle did a tour of the US she’d be minted). But what happens when an artist wants people to view their video and some overzealous IP hound gets their first? Producer and pop artist Calvin Harris has suffered this recently, as a copyright claim led to the video for his new song being removed. Harris blames the BPI, the British Phonographic Industry organisation, and has issued a robustly worded tweet on the subject: "IT'S MY F***ING SONG YOU ABSOLUTE B******. It's the f***ing BPI. F*** YOU 'The BPI'. What have you ever done for anybody you useless shower of c****." Just in case you weren’t sure of his feelings, he added "The BPI are the worst organization to ever walk the earth, and their set-up is shambolic, and their online employees are all massive retards.” I think it’s safe to say he’s pretty miffed, especially as there seems to be little he, as an individual, can do.

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