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CDs Still Preferred to Downloads

As digital downloads of music increase, there was a fear that the CD would die, and for some of us that’s worrying. The sound quality of a properly produced CD on a decent hi-fi trumps what you can get off iTunes almost every time…okay, that’s enough audiophile elitism, let’s just focus on still having a CD when your PC breaks. Which they do, frequently. But panic not. A survey by The Leading Question of 1000 Britons has revealed that 73% still prefer buying CDs to buying downloads, and more importantly for the future, 66% of 14-18 year olds do too. Intriguingly, users of streaming services, whether paid for like Napster or free like Spotify, spend more money on CDs than the average, probably having sampled the bands first online. It looks like, if you love your music, the CD still has a role in your life.

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