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Daniel Johnston to go Hi-FI?

Daniel Johnston is one of the strangest musical cults going, a man who records in conditions so low-fi it’s a wonder candles and string aren’t involved, although his house often is, and who can’t really sing. But despite this, he writes and performs with a charisma that, if you like it, you become addicted to. Now Johnston has revealed that he’s going to up the production ante for his first album in six years by working in relatively hi-fi circumstances with talent that has worked with Beck, amongst others. If you’ve never heard of him before, just imagine Dylan going electric, and you’ll have some idea of the shockwaves among the fanbase. And if you’ve never heard of Dylan, Wikipedia that s***. Oh, yes, Johnston is going to be touring too. The album’s called ‘Is and Always Was’, and is out October 6th.

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