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Fiery Furnaces Cover Themselves

For most bands, wringing that extra mileage out of your album involves rereleasing it with an extra track stuck on the end, annoying anyone able to buy it in the first place. The Fiery Furnaces aren’t that sort of band; instead they’re going to release two cover versions of their new album, done by themselves. Yes, each of the brother-sister twosome will be producing their own new versions of the album, and their explanatory statement is quite clear that "Only the words will remain the same. Though in Eleanor’s case, the singer remains the same. The song, never. Or mostly never." The project is coming out in two parts (of course), with six tracks from each of the pair in each, and we’re assuming it’s all going to be free. So basically, if you’re a Fiery Furnaces fan you buy one album and get three. Bands, the bar has been raised.

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