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Florence Disregards Safety Rules

Rule number 5 of doing a gig: never, ever, drink what the audience throws at you, unless you wish to be hunched on/over a toilet for the next 48 hours. However, Florence of Florence and the Machine took her life into her own hands twice this weekend at Scotland’s T in the Park Festival. First she drank something claiming to be vodka from a fan on the front row, joking “This isn’t piss is it?”, before asking the crowd to throw some spirits onto the stage for her. The crowd obliged and Florence selected a bottle of clear liquid, downing it in one. Now, we don’t wish to cast aspersions on the Scottish crowd who have been almost universally praised over the weekend, but downing random bottles is a bit risky, even at a convention full of nuns. Then again, Florence is known for being a bit crazy. (Some cruel people might say self consciously crazy, but not us). She also went for the obvious crowd pleasing tactic of wrapping herself in a Scottish flag. Don’t try this at home.

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