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Free Music Archive Launches

WFMU is one of America’s leading “alternative” (they prefer “free-form”) radio stations, and they’ve been broadcasting a huge array of music on the web for years; they even had Jeff Mangum DJ for a short time. They’ve now launched what they call the Free Music Archive, a library of mp3s which have been cleared with the relevant authorities for use. And use doesn’t just mean playing, it means backing up your speech on a podcast or being sampled with permission already given.

Given the diversity of WFMU and their – dare I use the word – taste, there will be some real alternative diamonds in this library, which is already in the thousands and will be expanding. Most average listeners could probably spend all day listening to bands they’d never heard of before (and might never again). They’ve also teamed up with some other radio stations to “curate”. Should you like a track you can click through to a bio and you’re linked straight to a source of purchase for a proper CD (which still sound better) or you can just leave a tip to their Paypal account, which sounds like a great idea.

The paranoid can listen without creating an account, but more devoted users can register to leave comments and use some social networking features. Well worth digging in the digital crates here whatever genre you’re after (most things alt and experimental seem to be covered) and there are a lot of live performances; it’s at http://freemusicarchive.org

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