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Glastonbury Goers Reported UFO

The British ‘Ministry of Defence’, the department responsible for the armed forces, has been releasing a number of its UFO records. So far, there’s been no official recognition of any spaceships, but an awful lot of sightings…and one of these was reported at Glastonbury Festival in 1994. Glastonbury is England’s premier festival, and one with a history of new age experiences, so it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that a group of people thought they saw something strange in the sky. Let’s face it, it’s probably easier to count the people who didn’t start seeing strange lights. But two people, a man and a woman, made an official report to the MOD about seeing something over, where else, the Jazz Tent. They claim to have seen "twirling set of moving lights attached to what must have been a circular object. It was unlike anything we knew and so I immediately said it must be a UFO/spaceship." Right. As if this wasn’t weird enough, they went on to add that the lights were deliberately communicating with them. Strangely, no one else reported it, presumably because they blamed it all on too much pear cider and the herbal highs tent.

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