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Jackson’s Albums Top Charts

There’s a song by Welsh comedy rappers Goldie Lookin’ Chain all about how dying at an opportune moment can make your record company an awful lot in sales. (The song is quite offensive, so we don’t recommend the easily disturbed go looking for it). Further proof of this strange fact – that people go out and buy the records of the recently deceased when they didn’t buy them earlier – occurred when Michael Jackson scored number one albums in both the US and the UK this week. In fact in the US he occupied the top three positions, and the top seven on some other random chart for older records which, to be frank, we don’t count. Shops are hurriedly stocking up and Amazon were rumoured to have sold out. How much of this is due to a new generation hearing Jackson’s music for the first time as radio and television station’s paid tribute, and how much to people who are overtaken by some strange communal grief?

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