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Since winning last year 'Fastrack to FIB' Competition, JKLMNO have never stepped out of the spotlight. Since filling the tent in their set in Spain in which they recieved a 10 out of 13 review from www.roomthirteen.com they have been touring up and down the country playing with the bands such as The Subways, The Paddingtons and The Wonder Stuff as well as holding many intimate acoustic gatherings too. They have recieved regular BBC Radio play from the likes of Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson and Huw Stevens among others. They even recorded a live in studio session for the BBC with The Wonder Stuff.

From their success in the competition they became a featured artist at www.datz.com and the Windows Media download of the week at www.windowsmedia.com as well as becoming the first unsigned band to hit the headlines at www.shakenstir.co.uk .

In 2009 JKLMNO have no plans to slow down with gigs and festival slots quickly building up, record label interest and studio time booked. The band are set to record a single for physical release in August with Manic Street Preachers producer Greg Haver in the Manics' own private studio. Mastering the tracks will be Greg Calbi (Kings of Leon, Bob Dylan, REM and many more).

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New album ZAPPATiKA -first track coming...

Coming soon ...the first and title track from the new ZAPPATiKA album NATURAL BORN KILLERS available next week to YOUR ears !

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